Why Datatray Medical Transcription Is Cost-Effective?

By Team Datatray November 17, 2019

Why Datatray Medical Transcription Is Cost-Effective?

Medical Transcription is an affiliate health profession that includes transcribing (typing down into a digital format, like typing into a computer) voice-recorded audio medical reports dictated by doctors, nurses, and other healthcare practitioners. By medical reports, it means the lectures delivered by healthcare professionals, voice files, or any other voice file with medical dictation or notes given by a licensed medical practitioner, or a medical assistant who knows how to transcribe. Datatray Services is the pioneering medical transcription Services provider in Florida and other parts of the US and Canada.

When you opt for a Medical Transcription service provider, it doesn't help when you make a superficial comparison on pricing. Many aspects encompass cost-effectiveness while balancing highly-quality, accurate services. Less pricing doesn't mean that the above-mentioned parameters are compromised (high-quality and accuracy). Less pricing and cost-effectiveness mean that quality and accuracy are given maximum significance while ensuring the affordability factor. Cost-effective medical transcription services are unlike comparing an orange to orange. It encapsulates many critical factors.

One of the most critical factors is evaluating your medical transcription service provider from a professional angle. The provider has to be the one who can handle your medical dictations meticulously and impeccably. So, pricing does happen to be a quintessential factor. As you already know, a regular transcriptionist cannot replace a general transcriptionist. A medical transcriptionist is one having a strong command of the medical jargon and processes. Hence, the pricing aspect includes 'expertise,' too.

Based on the turnaround time of the medical assistants that transcribe, rates are quoted. The ones that are of importance are:

  • Price per line (number of words)
  • Price per minute of dictation
  • Price per page of transcription
  • Price per keystroke

When it comes to Low cost and accuracy levels offered, Datatray is the Numero Uno medical transcription service provider known for offering cost-effective medical transcription services. We offer transcription services of the highest quality and 99% accuracy. We charge a minimum of 8 to 12 cents per word and are recognized as one of the Florida region's peerless transcription services providers and also across the US and Canada.

When you read the last line of this blog, you will undoubtedly realize the importance of teaming-up with Datatray Services for cost-effective medical Transcription services.

The voice files are created when the doctor speaks into voice recording software. These days, companies such as Datatray Services allow a toll-free access number to Doctors and other allied professionals in order to speak and secure their oral narratives and dictations. The audio gets safely recorded into a 256- bit- SSL security system.

Once you subscribe to the services of Datatray, you get login access, and you could gain and rectify your audio recordings as and when needed.

Why is Medical Transcription Important?

Medical Transcription Services has a critical significance. A patient's journey and his/her multiple interactions with the doctors and other healthcare professionals are meticulously recorded and transcribed. The electronically created transcription reports are stored and secured using the highest sophisticated technology available to avoid lapses.

In Medical transcription, accuracy is of importance. A missing zero from medication could cause severe, irreparable lapses. For instance, Trenexa 500 mg transcribed as Trenexa 50 mg could create complex hassles. Similarly, Trapic MF cannot be Trapic E and Vice-versa.

Accuracy lapse might occur while transcribing directions such as “the pain emerged and spread from the left ear to the right.” The transcriber might type it from right to left instead. The whole medical transaction might change for an apparently minor mistake like this.

This isn’t a minor mistake, by the way! Considering the nuances involved in the Medical Transcription Services, Datatray hires highly experienced transcriptionists with experience spanning more than 15 years.

There are specialist transcribers that transcribe for a particular division of Medical Sciences. We have Specialist Radiology Transcriptionists, Specialist Oncology Transcriptionists, Specialist Endocrinology Transcriptionists, etc. There are 40 Specialty Medical Transcription Services that Datatray caters to.

Accuracy needs to be given utmost care while transcribing because these errors might land you up in pensive legal consequences. Hence, collaborating with a stalwart Medical Transcription Service provider such as Datatray helps you relax with assurance.

How does Medical Transcription Services benefit?

The benefits of Transcription services are:

  1. It helps establish the patient track-record. The evaluation reports, diagnostic reports, and oral narratives are all available for the Doctor's perusal instantly.
  2. The transcripts could help a patient who is being treated by multispecialty doctors. The transcription reports are the single stop for many references.
  3. Transcription reports play a pivotal role in medical billing and coding services.
  4. Transcription reports also help claim hassle-free insurance and reimbursements.

Benefits of associating with Datatray Services

  • By associating with Datatray Transcription Services, the Medical reports can be acquired by the next working day! We also provide additional STAT services for around two to four hours upon request.
  • Our clients can view, edit, and e-mail reports through a web-based security system. All they need is a login id and passwords to get their files.
  • We have a dedicated admin team that functions 24/7, and our services are 100% HIPAA compliant.
  • We stand on Quality Control level 3, which means we deliver services that are of exceptional quality and
  • We have a pricing advantage too. That means we charge very less (8 cents to 12 cents per word). This is very less considering the inimitable and peerless services that we offer you, round the clock!

The advantage of collaborating with the Datatray Services

  1. Accurate transcription reports that will be delivered by the next business day!
  2. 2 to 4 hours of STAT work available upon request
  3. You can edit, email, fax, and take a print of the transcription report from anywhere and everywhere. What all you need is access to high- speed internet and your login account ( id and password)
  4. E-signature feature that allows e-signing related to HIPAA compliance adherence
  5. An agile, active, and dedicated customer care desk that is available 24/7, 365 days!
  6. Datatray Services falls under the category of 100% HIPAA compliant firms.
  7. We have unmatchable security of 256-bit SSL encryption that keeps your data marvelously safe!

Having read all the above-mentioned aspects, you must have undoubtedly found the title of this blog befitting. To know more, call Datatray Services immediately, or Email us for a prompt response. Datatray assures you a lifelong, professional collaboration!