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You can give toll-free dictations via phone that gets saved in our server. You can also send the voice recorded dictation as an audio file.

Absolutely, You will get specialist transcription reports for almost 40 medical specialties such as Cardiology, Physiatry, Psychiatry, and Neurology, etc.

A 4 digit user id is assigned to each doctor at your facility. Once we receive the voice files, we use our custom software to assign to MT/Editor assigned to your account automatically.

We give you several options to download/view the completed documents: Email: The simplest way of sending dictations is via secured email. Single practice practitioners usually use this method for the sake of convenience. Website: You can log in using a secure user id/password from our website anytime. You can print, edit, and fax online.

If you prefer to dictate using Handheld device, we suggest Olympus as it's a proven device for dictations, and many of our clients have been using with no problems.

Yes, we are 100% HIPAA Compliant.

We request you to have the following basic setup at your office/home; 1. Computers with Windows XP or later version 2. Internet Explorer 7 version or later version 3. A broadband or DSL service. 4. A handheld device(If you prefer handheld device for dictating)

We keep the transcribed files in our system for more than 2 years.

We request you to have the following basic setup at your office/home; 1. Computers with Windows XP or later version 2. Internet Explorer 7 version or later version 3. A broadband or DSL service. 4. A handheld device(If you prefer handheld device for dictating)

We give you a convenient option of downloading or viewing online. You can also edit online. You don't even need MS word to view/edit documents online. We also give you email option to send documents via email.

Every message, emails, letter or phone calls that we make is securely guarded by 128 bit Secure Socket Layer encryption (SSL).

All voice files and documents are backed up every day to our backup servers.

We give a 24hrs guarantee, but they are ready in less than 16hrs from the time of uploading into our system.

Our customer service is available via phone and email 24hrs a day.

We like to be very competitive and try to save money for all your transcription needs. As we have different types of clients we customize a solution for each of our clients.

A line in transcription is of 65 characters. This includes spaces.

Yes, all of our transcriptionists and other staffs sign on non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements prior to getting employed with us.

Our fees are based on a percentage of payments collected, and are all-inclusive — there are no hidden charges.

We try to increase collections for most practices from 10% to 20%. The reason why we can increase your collections is using state of the art technology. We try to increase your revenue by using better coding, better use of technology to eliminate claim errors while submitting to insurance companies and increased AR follow-up. After using our services for 3 months we can show you the cost benefits of our service. Our service cost will be a fraction of your increased revenues.

Yes. You will find the address on our “Contact us” page.

Call our executive. The toll free number is on our contact us page. You can even send us a mail.

Yes. Please ask for them via the email id provided.

Yes. Rest assured.

We try to use electronic claims processing, and most of our physicians are almost 85% electronic. This means that all the claims are sent electronically to insurance companies, and payments are received electronically using ACH(Automatic Clearing House). All electronic EFT's come directly into your bank account. Any manual checks come to your practice address. All we need is a copy of the EOB to post against the patient account properly.

We will assign a dedicated Account Executive (or more than one, depending on your practice size) to your account. This person will be main point of contact for your practice and he/she will be handling all issues. The account representative will coordinate all aspects of your billing needs — entering charges, submitting claims, sending patient statements, following up, answering patient billing questions, and liaison between your practice and us.

We are proud to use the latest technology to benefit our clients and us. This cutting-edge technology enables us to service clients throughout the US.

We need basic information on your practice, and we give you an implementation checklist as soon as the contract is signed. If you don't have EHR, we try to make things easier and more accurate by designing an easy-to-use superbill. We can also try to make small changes to the one you are using. In just moments per encounter, you'll be able to give us the information we need to submit your claims properly. (For new patients, or patients whose demographic and insurance information has changed, we ask that you give us a copy of their registration sheets and copies of insurance cards.) If you have an EHR, we try to interface with EHR to get the data. We try to customize billing solution based on the EHR you have.

We have designed our billing software completely online. What this means is no expensive computer systems or software. All the upgrades are done automatically. So, there is no need for upgrade fees or expensive in-house IT. You can access your data from anywhere in the world.

Our toll-free number is printed on your patients' statements, and a dedicated Datatray representative will handle all billing questions.

This question is a critical part of any Accounts Receivable follow-up. We understand why you're concerned about constant underpayments or payments at non-contracted rates affecting your patients' balances and your revenues.To address this, Datatray requests copies of your practice's contracts and related fee schedules when we're setting up your account. We make sure these rates are reflected in our system based on your contracts. Then, we monitor expected reimbursement and appeal any underpayments and/or denials at time of payment posting. When necessary, we directly contact your managed-care representative to resolve any problems. We also keep you aware of these problems and their resolutions every step of the way.

We'll send as many statements as it takes to get the balance paid as long as the patient activity is on the account.

Cloud Medical Billing helps you with smooth functioning of billing process without glitches. To know more, talk to our technical personnel right away! A medical biller takes patient’s records and codes them that is recognizable in the US. Whereas, a Medical Transcriptionist, works on the audio recordings of physicians, and through transcribing (typing through an electronic medium), converts oral dictations of doctors into electronic, readable reports.


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