Medical Transcription: Trends to Follow in 2021!

By Team Datatray November 17, 2019

Medical Transcription: Trends to Follow in 2021!

Voice Recognition System has incredible utility. Say something by pressing the speaker button present on your Android or iOS device's soft keypad, and the words get keyed-in all by themselves at an amazing speed. The errors generated, too, are very few. Speaking into the phone and having the words typed magically onto the screen leaves us feeling amazed! If this is the precision of a simple handheld device, think of the super quality voice recorders and the most sophisticated technology that can recognize speech and convert it into text.

Natural Language Processing is gaining amazing momentum. Conversion of Voice into texts with utmost precision in any language is now happening; it is not a farfetched dream. So, technology does impact human involvement. But does that mean there will not be any human Medical Transcriptionist in the future? The answer would be an absolute NO!

As most of us know that Medical Transcription is the process of listening to medical interpretations given by Doctors and Para-medical practitioners and formally transcribe the interpretation, and convert the patient history into a digitally available text format.

Voice Recognition is a fantastic human invention, but at the same time, it might be difficult for VRS to recognize the utterances with precision. The VRS cannot handle the technological terms and the jargon used in medical interventions, and procedures with cent percent accuracy. Human interference becomes mandatory. There is a need for experienced personnel who are thoroughly equipped with the medical terms, processes and procedures, and various accents that Doctors use.

With Technology now taking the whole world by its horns, let us look at the possible future trends in Medical Transcription in 2021:

1.Technological Trends:
a. Advanced Voice Recognition: As already mentioned above, doctors are now finding their oral medical narratives transcribed into their computers effortlessly. Nevertheless, the Speech Recognition software still commits errors while transcribing complex medical jargon. There could be problems understanding Celtic and Australian accents too. The importance of Medical Transcriptionists and their invaluable experience and expertise overpowers technology. Top-quality Medical Transcription Services is the need of the hour.
b. The new EHR (Electronic Health Recorder) system will facilitate the transcriptionists' work with readily available templates having menus and submenus, dropdown options ensuring precision to its maximum. The EHR system will help to streamline the entire process of Medical Transcription. Top Quality Medical Transcription Services with Transcriptionists having command on EHR will be in serious demand!
c. Automation of the healthcare system: The healthcare system has been automated in incredible ways. Data flows and gets stored seamlessly. When you consider security aspects, the healthcare sector is the best for using the most powerfully encrypted security software (for instance 256-SSL- Encryption). There is a magical transaction happening between various departments connecting various personnel mellifluously. Extracting data is now a matter of seconds.
2.Outsourcing Trends:
Outsourcing in Medical Transcription is inevitable. The Medical Transcriptionists are outsourced for affordability. That's the first consideration. Cost-effective Medical Transcription Services have always been in demand and will be. Medical Transcriptionists are both overseas and domestic. Domestic transcribers play a vital role in streamlining the transcription in sync with the National laws and all the authorized Healthcare Providers and Medical lawmakers' protocols.

Technological advancement keeps outsourcing the most potent form of attracting profits for healthcare providers and transcription companies. There's going to be an unprecedented surge for outsourcing Medical Transcriptionists in 2021 owing to cost-effectiveness.
3. Market Trends:
The Medical transcription service is evergreen and always requires trained and skilled medical transcriptionists. 2021 is full of promises for Medical Transcriptionists who have kept themselves abreast with the latest technological requirements. Trained Medical Transcriptionists with years of precious experience, and who kept learning the latest technology will always be on the hot seat! And not to forget an essential aspect that there will be many third-party service providers' intervention in the Medical Transcription industry, opening up greener avenues for Medical Transcriptionists.

So, in conclusion, the future of medical transcription is more than safe. Medical Transcriptionists have a lucrative career path lying ahead of them. The zeal with which transcriptionists pick up and practice the latest technological know-how will put them on a higher hierarchical rung. As it has been already mentioned (many times by now!), Voice Recognition System is an unmatchable invention.

However, there needs to be a meticulous human intervention to dot the I, and cross the T, to bring out accuracy and precision. Despite the humongous intervention of technology, the future of Medical Transcription Services lies in the hands of experienced medical transcriptionists. Human cognition is inimitable and always needs to be there to perceive the concern, or urgency in the doctor's tone.

Maybe future Voice Recognition Systems will develop advanced techniques to capture the tenor, timbre, pitch, and the 'feel' element in the human voice. All this apart, as of now, the medical world is teeming with prospective job offers for both experienced and fresher medical transcriptionists! So, 2021 IS the year of Medical Transcriptionists!