How to Choose the Best Business Transcription for you!

By Team Datatray November 17, 2019

How to Choose the Best Business Transcription for you!

There are no businesses that do not have a virtual platform. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are integral social media platforms of any (successful) business. Infographics are in vogue. People are naturally inclined to watching videos rather than reading lengthy explanations.

Video presentations have voice-over artists. To generate a video transcript, we need transcriptionists who are adept at transcribing flawlessly. Hence, this is one of the reasons businesses need transcriptionists. When these videos are made, an audience may like to read transcripts in greater detail.

The language and the accent of the speaker might be incomprehensible. Especially platforms like TED provide transcripts along with their Video talks. So, it now becomes quite understandable why businesses need transcription services. They are in need of transcribers who can handle high-volume content efficiently.

There are innumerable Business Transcription service providers in the market. But finding out the one who provides accurate and professional services is a time-consuming process. You cannot just give away the task to a newbie who has no commendable insight into the whole process.

This is one thing; the other thing is related to trust issues. You cannot trust a new entrant into the market. A huge question of data safety arises then. While collaborating with a transcription service provider, ensure that you have given your data into safe hands. Also, ensure that the latest technological advancements empower the safety mechanism of the company.

The next thing to consider is pricing. If your company has a lot of transcription work, then it is better to opt for a transcription service provider who does the job for you for a very affordable price. Affordable or lower pricing doesn’t mean that you need to compromise on the quality offered.

There are prestigious companies like Datatray Services, that offer impeccable transcription services quite efficiently for an affordable price. Datatray Business Transcription Services facilitates your transcription work to help you both time and money. Datatray's skilled and highly ingenious team of transcribers will help transcribe your meetings and generate reports while you can focus on taking your company's performance to the next level.

Datatray Transcription Services has been providing high-quality, faultless transcription services since the year 2004. Datatray covers transcripts for financial institutions, corporations, educational institutions, advertising and market research firms, production companies, and not-for-profit organizations.

Renowned companies like Datatray services offer high-quality, highly accurate Business Transcription services.

Datatray specializes in providing Business Transcription Services for the following entities: Company reports Financial reports Annual meetings Business meetings Education research projects Corporate conferences Corporate seminars Sales reports Annual meetings Business surveys Analyst interviews Investor relations Financial events Press conferences Earnings calls Interviews Breaking news Talks and Corporate Speeches Corporate presentations, etc. Datatray provides highly accurate transcription services.

Datatray Business Transcription Services owns state-of-the-art technology that makes data transcription highly accurate. The company’s easy-to-use audio/video transcription service can assist you in creating documents from multiple audio and video formats such as WAV, MP3, WMA, DSS, DVF, AIFF/AIF, Webex, Quicktime, MOV, AVI, MP4, MP2, MMV, Podcasts, audio CDs, Webcasts, and DVDs.

A good business transcription service provider like Datatray services provides you with easy upload options via the web, toll-free number, or digital recorder. The company’s Business Transcription technology helps you convert old analog (cassette tapes over to digital). Datatray ensures you error-free and accurate content.

Datatray also does transcription plus time coding to expedite video editing and help you find specific quotes and text in a transcript. Hence, it is crucial to hold all these things in your mind when you opt for transcription services. Only the best Business Transcription service provider like Datatray Services must be counted. If you are thinking of error-free and accurate content transcription services, then Datatray services is the solution.

A fundamental question that many people get in their minds before opting for Business Transcription work is, is it better to go for AI-powered Speech recognition systems? Which is better? Human-based transcription system or AI? Here are a few valuable insights that you can derive from this Blog.

One cannot answer this question directly. There are certain considerations only after which one can answer this question. When you are talking about any Business transcription service, you need to imagine more than one speaker. Usually, the conversations are in business talks, seminars, key-note addresses, meetings, conferences, and the list is potentially endless. When people talk, there are many language variations. No AI can replace human transcription services.

No two speakers speak alike. At the same time, there are no two accents that sound the same. North American version is quite different from the Australian English and the Celtic version. AI helps transcribe to a larger extent, but it stops when it doesn't understand a specific accent, and starts asking questions. There might even be wrongly written words owing to the accent problem. Hence, machine intelligence can never replace human intelligence. AI can never replace human transcription services.

Keeping the accent aspect apart, there is industry-specific jargon, which the AI machinery might not understand. Hence, it is always better to hire highly experienced transcriptionists whose talent is inimitable. Datatray services offer the best Business Transcription services provided by ace transcriptionists with over 15 years of experience. Get in touch with Datatray Services for the best Business Transcription services right away!