Medical Billing  
As a doctor and practice owner you try to ensure you offer the highest quality medical services to your patients. At the same you are also trying to do your best to make sure the practice, as a business, runs smoothly and as profitable as possible. We at Datatray know that you always have your business side of the clinic at the back of your mind. What we have been doing is successfully offload certain aspects of the practice so that you can put all your efforts and energy on the patient care.
Greatly reduce your employee strength, which in turn reduces your monthly costs by up to 40%
A experienced team of qualified and certified experts dedicated to your business
Support whenever and however you need it 24 hrs a day
Fewer employees allow for tremendous tax savings and benefits costs
Fees are based upon amount collected
One-stop solution for Medical Billing/Coding and A/R, EHR and Medical Transcription
Free EHR option with Medical Billing/Coding and A/R and Medical Transcription integrated into EHR
More than 80% of insurance payments are electronically collected and deposited into your bank account
12 to 16 hours turnaround time with 98.5% accuracy for your dictations!
Dictations are done directly on EHR or we can integrate into any EHR of your choice
Billing software provides real time data
No software to be installed. All the software is online and can be accessed from anywhere
30% lower cost than our competition!

You may have heard that experts recommend moving to Web-based medical office software for lower cost, better reliability, and increased profitability. Web-based medical office software means that the entire solution is accessed and operated over the Internet. The reason experts predict this evolution to the Internet is because it is a much better value.

Our systems were designed by working with medical office professionals in collaboration with our programmers. That means we understand that each office is different. So we've paid special attention to flexibility in workflow that lets your system work naturally and intuitively just the way you want it to. That means you're in control total control.

For practices that want to make an entry into new era of productivity and profitability, we offer the following:

Revenue Cycle Management
Our experienced approach to Revenue Cycle Management addresses every detail of this complex process. Our proven performance allows your practice efficiently tackle this process.
Coding is complicated and we try to maximize your revenue by using both computer assisted coding and manual process. Our experienced trained coders will enhance the accuracy of claims while ensuring compliance to insurance and regulatory standards.
Charge Entry
We make sure all the charges are entered into the system within 24hrs of receiving them. This for both individual practices, large and small accounts across multiple specialties.
Payment Posting
We analyze and post payments into any EHR system or practice management system.
EOB Follow-Up & Denial Analysis
Our EOB specialists analyze explanations of benefits and claims. Then they take the actions needed to recover the amount due. This applies to both from insurance companies and patients.
A/R Payer and Self-Pay Follow-Up
We can greatly reduce the number of days you have to wait for payment, improve your collections ratio and make every effort possible to get the payments quicker.
Why Choose Datatray Services?
Increased Revenue guaranteed. We do analysis using tools on our billing system to show how much we increased your revenue
If you have an EHR we use billing module in the EHR or we can integrate our billing system with any EHR
Less headaches on both Billing side and administrative side
Since we will be eliminating in house staff for billing, you will see greater profitability
State of the art internet billing system allows to check reports from anywhere. All you need is a internet connection
Our Billing system uses latest technology and has many features
Billing software is flexible, customizable and easy-to-use
No license fees required
Since its Internet based all system software updates are done automatically
We give great importance to customer service and we provide un paralleled support 24hrs day and 365 days a year
100% Web based software!
Web-based Applications
Datatray allows physicians and physician offices to access billing software without the prohibitive costs associated with traditional server-based applications. Overall costs for management, maintenance and hardware requirements not to mention all the associated headaches are significantly lower with a Web-based solution.

All of the services, including software fees, training, and unlimited support, are included in the economical setup and monthly subscription. That means no up-front investment. A true Web-native application was designed to run securely and effortlessly over the Internet, taking full advantage of the Web to maximize your savings and time efficiency.
Server Hardware
Costly servers, storage, and backup systems.
Server systems are complex, requiring high-density, redundant data storage, regular backups, and significant maintenance.

All the overheads are eliminated with web based software. Our servers are located with security that meets or exceeds HIPAA requirements. In addition, all servers are locked, firewalled; environment controlled, and continuously backed up to maximize security, longevity, and performance. All you need is a PC and Internet access!
Installation & Setup
Significant time and expense.
Significant technical resources are required to install and configure server based
networks, typically involving several days of service, travel costs, and office interruption. Additionally, the cost to maintain those servers, networks, and any other special computers add to the ongoing expense.
Speedy deployment with no installation required.
All you need is a Web browser and your username and password to get started.
Seamless Transition within One Month!
Data backup and storage
Expensive, time consuming, and risky business!
In-office backup systems are a daily chore. This requires a separate backup tape for each day and usually consumes up to an hour to complete Hassle Free! With our 100% internet based system the entire backup process is eliminated. We backup your data continuously.
Reduce Claim Rejections
Pricing based on Results not on efforts!
No Setup Or Implementation Costs:
Our FREE One time setup and implementation includes:
Setup training to include:
Facility Setup
Custom Patient Statement Messages
Group and Provider Setup (allows the practice to track multiple locations and mid-levels)
Group Information Setup
Provider Information Setup
Provider and Group ID Setup for Carriers that require PIN numbers
Setup of the Appointment Scheduler
Column and Page Setup
Appointment Types
Block Times
Customization of Charge slips with Header
Entry of Fee Schedules (Chargeable and Allowable)
Referring Provider Setup (Specific to state)
Eclaims Registration and Carrier Agreements for Electronic Submission (first 60 days)
Collections module setup
eStatements module setup
Implementation training to include:
Basics of PracticeForces Software
Appointment Scheduling
Monthly Service Fee: % Based on your monthly revenue collections not on the charges!
Monthly fee includes:
Revenue Cycle Management: Full medical Billing support and Service
Patient Demographic and Charge Entry
Coding and charge review: We provide 24-hour turnaround for large and small accounts acrossmultiple specialties
Insurance and patient Payment Posting
EOB Follow-Up & Denial Analysis
A/R Payer and Self-Pay Follow-Up support is available 24/7
EStatements module electronically sends patient statements to us where we print, stuff, stamp and
mail them for you (50 cents per statement. eStatements printing fees are billed separately)
Guaranteed uptime availability (99.5% or better). This year we had 100% uptime!
24/7 availability to export complete data files for personal backup
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