Datatray Services is a premier provider of IT solutions and back office services to the healthcare, legal and general business markets since 2004. Based in Orlando Florida with offices nationwide, Datatray addresses the needs of organizations and professionals in these markets to lower costs improve productivity and ultimately improve their core goal of providing better service to their customers. We allow our clients up to take care of their core business allowing them to grow in profitability and productivity. Our vast knowledge of our clients businesses and understanding of how they work enables us to combine advanced technology with expert teams to deliver comprehensive solutions much more cost effectively than other alternatives available.

Datatray uses highly secure technology to deliver the benefits to our clients. Our web based technology platforms for the healthcare, legal and business markets and our outsourced services to these markets are all designed and managed by us to enhance accuracy, turnaround time and workflow. From our medical transcription services and medical billing/coding and A/R to our outsourced legal transcription services our professional teams providing world class service and our secure, reliable and easy-to-use technology combine to provide our clients the complete solution to their back office processes needs.

We offer all of our services on an as-need basis with no upfront costs or long term agreements. We keep our clients because we keep our clients happy. Try us today and see for yourself why our clients believe we offer the best overall value for handling their outsourced back office needs. We treat our clients like family because to us they are.

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