General Transcription  

Save time, money and eliminate the stress of missing deadline!

Corporate Transcription or General Transcription Services is used for general correspondence, meetings or any type of documentation need. Datatray Services covers production of transcripts for financial institutions, corporations, educational institutions, advertising and market research firms, production companies and not-for-profit organizations.

Datatray Services is a leading provider of audio/video transcription services including:

Company reports Financial reports
Annual meetings Business meetings
Education research projects Corporate conferences
Corporate seminars Sales reports
Annual meetings Business surveys
Analyst interviews Investor relations
Financial events Press conferences
Earnings calls Interviews
Breaking news Talks and Corporate Speeches
Corporate presentations    

Our flexible and easy-to-use audio/video transcription service can assist you in creating documents from multiple audio and video formats such as WAV, MP3, WMA, DSS, DVF, AIFF/AIF, Webex, Quicktime, MOV, AVI, MP4, MP2, MMV, Podcasts, audio CDs, Webcasts, and DVDs. Simple and secure upload options via the web, toll free number or digital recorder are available and we can even convert old analog (cassette tapes over to digital).

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We can also do transcription plus time coding to expedite video editing and assist you in finding specific quotes and text in a transcript.

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